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Marie Wilson

Owner/Principal Architect


Marie is both the laugh and the steady. She is quick to say yes, can follow through with any size project and works well with any combination
of team.


  • Master of Architecture – 2004 – Montana State University
    With Honors, Salutatorian, AIA Henry Adams CERT, MSU Award of Excellence, Tai Sigma
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design – 2003 – Montana State University
  • Bachelor of Science – 1995 – Rocky Mountain College
  • Associates of Science – 1993 – Sheridan Community College

Registrations: Montana, Wyoming & Colorado
Expertise: Commercial, Educational, Multifamily, Master Planning, and Event Venues

In2itive Architecture – Owner – 2008-Present

  • Types of Projects: Commercial and Residential
  • Responsibilities: Project Management, Design, Proposals, Scheduling, Budgets, Construction Administration
  • Project Range: $25,000-$23M
  • Projects Include: New Construction & Renovation: Commercial Offices, Retail, Multi Family, Educational and Institutional
  • Notable Projects:
    • MLEA: Renovation to Historic Dormitories, Cafeteria & Office Addition in Helena, MT
    • MHA-DB: 22 unit multifamily
    • Burton: 6 plex
    • Consumer Direct: 70,000 sf Office Building in Missoula, MT
    • Clinton School: 15,000 sf Addition and 30,000 sf renovation in Clinton, MT
    • Superior Junior High Addition: 15,000 sf addition in Superior, MT
    • Coca-Cola High Country: 68,000 sf Industrial/Warehouse
    • McKinstry Renovation: 3,000 sf office/shop renovation in Missoula, MT
    • Hamilton Job Service Renovation: 3,000 sf office renovation in Hamilton, MT
    • Bayern Brewery: Various addition/renovation projects in Missoula, MT
    • Bretz RV Warehouse: 7,000 sf shop building in Missoula, MT
    • Hellgate Elementary Upgrade: 15,000 sf lighting and ceiling upgrade in Missoula, MT

Jules Landis

Project Architect


Jules is In2itive’s right hand and sometimes also the left! He is the whole enchilada, an eternal optimist and as a veteran architect himself can fulfill any role a project requires of him with grace!

Education: Bachelor of Environmental Design – 1997 – University of Colorado at Boulder

Registrations: Colorado & Washington

Expertise: Lending Institutions, Hospitality, Educational

Relevant Experience:

  • MT Law Enforcement Academy: Renovation to Historic Dormitories, Cafeteria & Office Addition in
    Helena, MT
  • Superior High School/Junior High Addition in Superior, MT
  • Clinton Elementary School Addition and Renovation in Clinton, MT
  • Consumer Direct Care Network – Phase II in Missoula, MT
I2A Staff Photo_Eryn Schweir

Eryn Schwehr

Project Architect


Eryn’s discipline and efficiency brings some order to the office which can otherwise be sometimes chaotic! Her aesthetic is unsurpassed and her relationship with developers keeps her multitasking.

Education: Master of Architecture – 2003 – Montana State University, With Honors, Minor in English Literature

Registrations: Montana

Expertise: Multifamily, Mixed Use

Relevant Experience:

  • MT Law Enforcement Academy: Renovation to Historic Dormitories, Cafeteria & Office Addition in Helena,
  • Mountain Lodge: Boyne Properties Dormitory Project, 65 Rooms
  • Meadowview Condominiums HRDC: Big Sky Workforce Housing, Overall Project Planning, 26 Buildings,
    52 units
  • Mixed Use: Lots 3,4,5,6,7; All main level commercial with residential above
  • Fort Peck Community College Faculty Housing (Project Architect) & Fort Peck Dormitory (Design, Production)


Architectural Associate


Morgan is the instrumental glue assisting in all forms and scales of project. With a calm, can-do mentality , Morgan is willing to take on any task. He has an artists eye and is driven to make a positive impact on every project he touches.




Relevant Experience:

Project architect

I2A Staff Photo_Emma Duboise

Emma Duboise

Office Administration


Emma is instrumental in smoothing out the ups and downs of the architectural chaos. She has become an essential link in our team and will tackle anything with enthusiasm.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Minor in Accounting

Registrations: NA

Expertise: Office Management, CAD, Project Intake, Delivery and Close-Out

“In meetings that I have witnessed with Marie as the lead architect, she connects the owner with their ideas and maintains focus on the coordination amongst engineering design trades. Teamwork in the design and building process is important, as it encourages everyone to work together for solutions. … Marie always brings enthusiasm, a teamwork mentality, positive thinking, attention to detail, and hard work ethic to the table. Marie is very committed to her work and the quality of her product.”

Maria Chesnut

Morrison Maierle
“Marie is a highly talented, dedicated and enthusiastic person. Her exceptional technical knowledge, warmth and cheery personality are a source of inspiration and motivation for project team members. Her exceptional project and construction management skills help provide a clear direction and strong understanding of collaborative needs as well as budget and constructability issues. Her diligent and good work reflects a high commitment to her clients and dedication to the field of architecture.”

Kledia Colenso

State of Montana Architecture & Engineering

“I also bring nontraditional methods of construction contract
organization to the table and Marie is always supportive of new ideas and is able to adjust processes to maintain the best interests of her (our) clients, Marie is able to effectively manage principle architect duties on projects as large as Consumer Direct and as small as a bathroom remodel with the same professional attachment and fun to work with attitude.”

Scott Johnson

Cost Management Services

“Marie has a high standard when it comes to “getting it right”
versus “just getting it done.” I appreciate Marie’s persistence on
managing the details on the project. It has been refreshing that her high standard for the architecture work includes keeping our ownership group informed and satisfied with the project. On numerous occasions Marie has gone to great lengths to ensure that we have all the information needed to make informed decisions.”

Bruce Kramer

Consumer Direct Care Network

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